Date Me

Hi! I’m Lulie, you can find out more about me below, or much more on my about page.

Fill out this form if you’re interested! I love people and I’d love to hear from you even if you don’t fit everything listed below – please don’t be shy. 😊 

  • Age: 34
  • Location: Oxford, UK 🇬🇧 
  • Monogamous
  • Never been married, want to
  • Don’t have kids, want 1-2

Philosophy Twitter: @reasonisfun  ~  Social Twitter: @metaLulie


Enthusiastic, driven to understand the fundamentals/first principles behind stuff, outgoing introvert, playful (but still British), introspective and self-aware, caring.

🎥 Here’s a video showing my playful side, and here’s one (old) that’s more intellectual.

World views: I’m a very open-minded classical liberal / Old Whig. I think people should have freedom, but I believe in morality (i.e. that some things are a bad idea). I value tradition as a good starting point, but I believe strongly in the advance of human progress.

Things I’m good at: Joyful, driven optimism. Explaining complicated/technical things in simple/understandable ways. Writing. Recognising the difference between substance and form, and the difference between meta and on-topic. Maintaining a childlike spirit. Irrepressible curiosity. Seeing things from another’s point of view. Connecting people, creating/running communities. Using search engines to find the answers to stuff I don’t know. Ten-finger typing (~100 WPM). Listening to audio at x3 speed. Learning how to learn. Art theory. 

Influences: Karl Popper, David Deutsch, Richard Feynman, William Godwin, Thomas Szasz, Ayn Rand, Lewis Carroll, David Chapman.

If you’re into Popper/Deutsch, stop reading here and just message me already. 🥰

Lately, I’ve enjoyed the work of Joe Hudson (emotions, connection), Tiago Forte (productivity), David Perell (taking ideas seriously), Michael Ashcroft and Peter Nobes (Alexander Technique), and Frank Anderson (Internal Family Systems).

Relationship style

I’m looking to date towards a somewhat traditional, long-term relationship, ultimately leading to marriage & children. I’m a devoted partner, and I like pursuing my own interests and projects (if that’s with my partner that’s even better, but I’m happy having alone time too).

I want a masculine partner to complement my feminine wiles, but I’d like us able to explore any way of relating! Relationships can have more vibrancy and creativity when monogamous (and certainly more depth) than what’s possible otherwise. I dig this line from Peterson, “I’ve slept with hundreds of women, and they were all my wife”: an individual is so varied that you can have an infinite number of experiences with one person.

I’m a big romantic. ❤️  (And recovering edgelord.)


My ideal partner is someone deeply curious about the world so we can explore it together, open-minded so we can talk about anything, socially skilled so we can go anywhere and interact with anyone, intellectually sharp so we can challenge each other, empathetic so the relationship is deeply caring and understanding without needing words for everything, and shares values with me so we can be a well-functioning team. A bit of Feynmanian mischievousness doesn’t hurt either. 😁

Looking for someone in his 30s (or 29-43).

I’d like to connect over shared interests! Ideally one or more of my main interests:


    • Epistemology, morality, consciousness, political & aesthetic philosophy


    • Classical painting, concept art, manga, comics, caricature, editorial cartoons


    • How the mind works, therapy, mental health, personal development & productivity

I have no height preferences, but if you work out that’s a big plus.


I was home-educated and raised under Taking Children Seriously – a philosophy that aims to respect and help children by their own lights.

My life plan is to work on that philosophy, make it practical and accessible, and develop the movement. Figuring out how to create happy families and not break the spirits of children (and still have them function in the world) is, IMO, one of the most important things we can do upstream to facilitate human flourishing.

I’d like to find a partner willing to raise children with compassion, care and a profound respect for their autonomy. 💛